An Interview with Bob Black

Bob Black talks to you here!

Bellamy interviews post-left anarchist Bob Black, author of such essays and books as the infamous “The Abolition of Work”, Friendly Fire, “Primitive Affluence”, Anarchy After Leftism, and Defacing the Currency. Black has just published, through Little Black Cart, Instead of Work, a republishing of his essays on the theme of work along with a new piece reflecting on the thirty years since his writing “The Abolition of Work”. read more

Episode 84: C.R.E.A.M: Commodities Rule Everything Around Me


Rydra and guest host Paul discuss the latest artificial intelligence developments and Google’s involvement in them, including drawing computers, and sarcastic amoral artificial intelligence. They also discuss the history of RS(Wild Reaction), RS political development, and some thoughts on convergencism, reactionary politix, and what does anarchy look like it it isn’t political.

0:00 Intro: on gay marriage, Rydra’s work drama and run-ins with unfriendly men in blue, and the appearance of a new poop bandit
15:50 Luddites Anonymous: AI drawing pictures, AI as nihilists, and what the fuck is google up to now?
31:25 Fidlar-Blackout Stout
34:30 Wingnut Confessional: On the history of Wild Reaction and their ideas
1:00:55 Pat the Bunny- Make Total Destroy
1:03:40 Wingnut Confessional: “On anti-electoralism and anarchist struggle,” Black June, convergencism, insurrectionary theory, recuperation

Wingnut Confessional:

Interview with Aragorn! of Little Black Cart


Rydra interviews Aragorn! of Little Black Cart. Aragorn! talks about the cosmology of LBC and discusses first and second wave anarchy. Also discussed are: what living the beautiful idea means in a not so beautiful world, the context of anarchist ideas and anarchist propaganda when LBC started and now, the difference between History and history, what it has been like to publish authors from very different tendencies and authors considered by some to be controversial or “fucked up,” the field LBC occupies and their audience, how to speak to people in a way that they can participate, what is anarchist capacity, what an anarchist conversation could look like, and more. read more

Episode 83: Who Are Your Friends?


Rydra and guest co-host T.V. discuss “To Our Friends” by the Invisible Committee, Fukushima problems and updates, artificial intelligence “progress” in Berkeley and much more!

0:00 Discussion of Rachel Dolezal and the protesting curfew in Oakland, 5:00 Rydra on Bellamy and a privileged access to the real, 9:00 follow up on Alvaro Obregon from Alexander Dunlap, 12:00 Luddites Anonymous: A.I. update with BRETT (Berkeley Robot for the Elimination of Tedious Tasks) and Google’s patent on robot teddy bear mini-slaves, 24:15 As the World Burns: Fukushima update on restarting of nuclear plants and more delays on cleanup, 31:30 Crass- Shaved Women
35:45 Fireside Chats: Discussion on “To Our Friends” by the Invisible Committee 1:18:26 Crass- Sucks, 1:20:00 More Discussion on “To Our Friends,” thoughts on religion and politix and Invisible Committee’s critique of nihilism read more

Alexander Dunlap on Álvaro Obregón

Someone is talking to us – click here!

Bellamy interviews Social Anthropology doctoral candidate Alexander Dunlap on the presently unfolding resistance to wind turbine construction in Álvaro Obregó, Mexico, covering the topics of settler perceptions of indigeneity, renewable energy, and the green grabbing phenomenon, the idea of solidarity, revolutionary tourism, the implications of the role of the anthropologist outsider, the meaning of the university, and more. read more

Episode 82: On Dating, Death, and Hedonism


Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 2.48.22 PM

Special guest host Squee joins Rydra for Episode 82!

0:00 FRR introduces Squee
2:00 Fireside Chats: John Gray’s Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals is analyzed, talk of consciousness, progress, morality, science and christian roots of science, apex predator depression
20:15 Ivan and the Beets, Can’t Escape
22:15 How to Party in Tempe:  thoughts on the farmer neighborhood, anarcho-hedonism and informal anarchism
42:00 Luddites Anonymous: Internet dating, OKCupid, thoughts on Tindr, Rydra’s neurosis, anarchists dating: for or against!?
52:05 Primus
56:25  FRR Debates:  Nekro Anarcho vs Post Nihilism.  Rydra and Squee completely inhabit separate and dueling ideologies and engage in psychological warfare on the terrain of the real, and the unreal.  Who will win? read more

Episode 81: Chained to Happiness


00:01:15: Alien Nation-States: Göbekli Tepe, agriculture, and alienation

00:22:53: Music: “Vernon The Company Man” by Les Claypool’s Fancy Band from the album Of Whales And Woe

00:25:23: “Chained to Happiness: Slavery and BDSM in the Speculative Fiction of Samuel R. Delany

00:52:46: Music: “L.M.L.Y.P.” (18:44 through 22:41: the keyboard solo) by Ween from the album Live At Stubb’s read more

Episode 80: In Which We Are Platonists

Rydra and Bellamy abandon discussing the world in favor of Pure Ideas - this episode is the first in which we are devoid of news-type information! We appear to have some kind of microphone feedback going on that makes a whooshy, 1970's-phaser-esque sound go on through the background of the recording – or maybe it is the tides of Platonic Heaven!

Interview with Bursts O’Goodness From Final Straw Radio

As part of Free Radical Radio’s interview series, Rydra interviews Bursts of Final Straw Radio.  They discuss how Final Straw came to be, get a little bit personal, talk about the future of the show and anarchist media in general, talk prisoner support and what that means/looks like, discuss how they deal with socialists pushing newspapers and holding megaphones, and much much more. read more