Episode 59: On Theory, Critique, and the Joy that is Destroy

Rydra and Bellamy wingnut out on anti-intellectualism and anti-theory and wonder if this comes from workerism and guilt, Rydra bemaons “anarchists” begging for concessions from corporations, Bellamy rages on anarcho-capitalists for a while, discussion of drones everywhere and absurd new apps for acne, some resistance news from China, response to listener feedback on what nature is, and also some discussion the absurd language used by some animal rights activists in the bay.   https://archive.org/details/FRR59

Episode 58: People’s Climate Death March And An Interview With Phil From Ultra

Doug and Rydra begin the show by speaking with Phil of www.ultra-com.org about his experiences in Seattle, his recent trip to Ferguson, his writings, and the future and potential of riots. at 54:45 Doug and Rydra begin this week’s show with Doug explaining how he was extorted by liberal leadership at the climate march in Oakland.  They then discuss an awesome grandma in Spain setting fire to and murdering her grandmother’s rapist, and also discuss Fukushima, massive fish die offs, and Ohio strip mining their forests.   https://archive.org/details/FFF58

Episode 57: Wild Reaction, Anarchy, and Vegan Cannabalism

Rydra and Bellamy wildly react to the latest ITS(RS) communique, discuss the shooting of cops in Pennsylvania, wonder why vegans are using techies in labs to make human started “meat,” talk about Sea World’s obsession with killer whales while bemoaning the fact that Tillikum has not killed in months, and wingnut out on violence, domestication, what year the marxist determinists will get robots to man the people’s mines, and how to kill the cop in your head. https://archive.org/details/FRR57