On Desire and Consciousness: FRR Books Podcast the Stirner Series Episode IX

Here we are again, back on the boat discussing Stirner’s ideas. On my best days I view this project as an attempt to break from the ideological & eschatological thinking that hangs like a pall over anarchists and humans alike. It is difficult to discuss Stirner because most people haven’t read him and also because many believe that they know what is contained in this book from whatever they have read or heard other people say. We are not attempting to do the work for you, but rather to provide a companion with which to interact while reading Wolfi’s rewriting of Stirner’s book. As someone who reads all the time, it is frustrating to have few people to discuss the books with. It is frustrating because I believe reading to both an anti-social(while doing it) and social(it changes me and then I interact differently when socializing) activity. When I read a book that makes me question myself, my idea, my ideals, and what I hold closest, I am compelled to share this new version of my self with friends, fuck it, with strangers too. So here sits our version of sharing, our hope that in talking with each other we can better understand ours elves and how to relate to each other and further complicate our selves and relations to revel in pretending we can see and understand the chaos for just a little bit.

We Discuss:

  • rydra introduces the episode incorrectly…sorry not sorry
  • Keehar has a fucked taste palette caz England
  • Suicide: can we dot it? Is it freedom knowing we can or is that just a cliche?
  • Determinism, what is it good for? Absolutely something?
  • Roland Barthes is a douchebag, but we discuss him anyways in terms of language
  • Graham Harman and the Third Table are discussed, damn we are cutting deep, about thinkability
  • Rydra takes Stirner to task for critiquing imagination, who the fuck did he think he was?! Everyone else disagrees
  • We disagree on if the thinkable is a spook, this is why you came here right?
  • Agency in dreaming, do we have any?
  • criticism of criticism, this is what we do
  • Nev gets fucking fired up!
  • Angela Carter is always relevant and so is negating without affirming!
  • Is it FRR if rydra doesn’t bring up Kundera? If Kundera falls in a forest, does anyone care besides rydra?

Sound and Audio Production by The Big Cat

Writing and Internet Slavery by rydra wrong

voiced by John, Nev, Keehar, Big Cat, rydra, and a friend


wipers- this time 
napalm death- you suffer