Episode 77: The Rage and the Fucked Sound to which We Cleave

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FRR returns with more fucking rage than ever.
1:37: Luddites Anonymous: Theren Is No Alternative.
14:12: Luddites Anonymous: Let’s Be Honest, You’re Stupid.
22:50: Luddites Anonymous: The Robot Familiar
31:52: Music: “Trilateral Commission As Dinner Guests” by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez from Old Money
36:47: Wingnut Confessional: Veganism.
58:55:Wingnut Confessional: Anarchy as “the Struggle”
1:19:03: Music: “I Like Rockefellers’ First Two Albums, But After That…” by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez from Old Money
1:23:30:Venom And Vitriol: A response to John Zerzan

Tonight’s show was brought to you by the subjective, hostile, fiery, and sometimes imperfect conscious(debatable) minds of Bellamy Fitzpatrick and Rydra Wrong.



Where shit came from:






“Boycott Veganism” PDF found online



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