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38 Replies to “Tell Us What You Think!

  1. Hey there, I felt like I had a few things to say.

    First things first, thanks for all the hard work you guys have been putting into the show. I’ve been listening to your show for the better part of a year now, and really appreciate finally having an anti-civ broadcast to listen to. Zerzan’s show is alright, but it can get a little dry at times. I’ve been working at an aimless dead-end job for a few months, so you guys take me out of a world based on capitalist propaganda for a few hours every week. Once again, thanks a bunch.

    Secondly, would you guys be open to a recommendation? A mate of mine writes articles that correspond with anti-civ philosophy in the face of climate crisis, and they correspond with a ton of the stuff you talk about on air every week. Maybe you’ll get something out of the stuff he posts, he’s a damn good writer. Here’s a link: There is quite a bit of nature reification in his writings, but I’d say that its justified.


    mysterious anti-civ anarchist who leaves emails and is oblivious to the basics of COINTELPRO 😉

    1. Hey, thanks for the link – we will look into it. I actually came across this once before, though I don’t remember when or how.


  2. One more question too. Have either of you guys read that huge volume that come out back in the early 200s known as “An Anarchist FAQ”? If so, what did you think about author Ian McKay’s views on primitivism? I know you guys said that you were anti-civ and not primitivist, but alot of the stuff that he wrote on there seems very disingenuous.

    1. Wow, I was not aware of this – thanks.

      It looks like it contains some of the familiar canards and misinformation (individualist anarchists are opposed to violence and favor gradualism? and then they cite Max Stirner only a bit later [I seem to remember his exhortations of “the war of all against all” and that the poor ought to simply take what they want from the rich]?) – we’ll touch on it soon.


  3. Hey there,

    We met at the east bay book fair a few weeks ago and I only just had an opportunity to take a look at this page, I am still running around a lot and don’t yet have the time to download and sync all of these episodes so I wonder, do you folks have a folder in which you have all of your episodes? You know, like a mass download option? In a little over a week I will be away from my computer for several months and I would love to have all these episodes to listen to on my iPod before I go. I ask because it will take a while to download every episode individually, and if you had this already it would save a bunch of time. If not, no worries.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Hey, so we don’t have a mass download, unfortunately – I don’t think we can because of the way that our files are hosted on, but maybe that is not true. The best we have convenience-wise is an RSS feed, but that won’t help you download them faster.


      1. Its all good. It just would have been really cool if that option existed. I’ve been downloading and listening to episodes and already sharing them with my family. Very informative and also very entertaining. Going to try to get all the shows downloaded before I leave the country!



      2. Do what you did with Episode 84 on the RSS feed, please. My podcast client will leech the episode automatically and I don’t have to remember to wander over here if I want to listen to the show.

          1. *Checks feed and podcast client*

            Included the path to the .mp3 file on in the feed post. All subsequent updates have omitted this and my client is simply ignoring your output, ‘cos it’s text and not audio!

  4. Great show again, as usual. Is Zoltan still interested in being interviewed, or is he still hiding in the neon-lit grottos of techie bars in Palo Alto?

  5. Are you all familiar with SWATTING? It’s mostly been used by gamers. They find the IP address of someone, figure out where they are physically located, and anonymously call their local police department, claiming that a hostage situation is happening at their house. A swat team then arrives and raids the house.

    GamerGate guys have been using it against feminists and ‘social justice warriors,’ but also gamers seem to do it to each other seemingly at random.

  6. hey
    i think y’all might want to re-read that interview in which Wilderson talks about Palestine again (transcript here:
    Your summary of it in your last episodes beginning is not, as i understand it, what he says there. Here’s a quote:

    “So right now, pro-Pal- estinian people are saying, ‘Ferguson is an example of what is happening in Palestine, and y’all are getting what we’re getting’. That’s just bullshit. First, there’s no time period in which Black po- lice and slave domination have ever ended. Second, the Arabs and the Jews are as much a part of the Black slave trade—the creation of Blackness as social death—as anyone else. As I told a friend of mine, ‘yeah we’re going to help you get rid of Israel, but the mo- ment that you set up your shit we’re going to be right there to jack you up, because anti-Blackness is as important and necessary to the formation of Arab psychic life as it is to the formation of Jewish psychic life.’
    I believe that looking at it from an anti-capitalist perspective, from an anti-White supremacist perspective, the Palestinians are right— provisionally—until they get their shit, then they’re wrong. So this is a historical thing: what we have to do is remind each other, to know our history in terms of slavery and our resistance to it, but also to be able to have x-ray vision, and say that just because we’re walking around in suits and ties and are professors and journalists doesn’t mean we’re not slaves. That is, to understand things diachronically. And that will allow us to be in a coalition with people of color, mov- ing on the system with them, but ridiculing them at the same time for the paucity — the lameness — of their desire and demand.”

    The argument is not against solidarity with Palestine, but rather to see their claims for a restoration of Palestinian Humanity as a limited aim from a perspective of anti-Blackness, as it appeals to a horizon of social recomposition that Black flesh cannot aspire toward. So it’s a qualified or reframed solidarity, to put it otherwise, not a rejection of it per se.

    Also, when we use the term ‘libidinal economy’, it’s not (in my opinion) necessary to understand this in an idealist manner, as if it isn’t material. Numerous post-1968 usages of Lacan, of which Deleuze and Guattari are only the most well-known, insist on the material and institutional and violent nature of unconscious domination, i.e. the physical world around us is directly invested by desire, not secondarily, or only after we project meaning onto it. This matters if one wants to think about what it would mean to “destroy the world” in Wilderson’s sense. Certainly, it’s a matter of an unconscious shift, but i don’t read this as a distinct project from the brick-by-brick dismantling of the material forces occupying our lives on a daily basis.

  7. love the show, just thought i would add something to the absurdity that is shark fin soup, i have heard that shark fin itself actually doesn’t even have a flavor. the flavor is found in how a chef prepares it. i always found it disgusting that so many sharks would be slaughtered for a food but it becomes even more clear that it is a direct result of the civilized pathology if you add into the equation the fact that the “main ingredient” doesn’t have any purpose in the meal itself, other than symbolic absurdity. civilized food is riddled with such ingredients, soy, gluten, food dyes, petro-chemical by-products etc etc.

  8. Howdy there Rydra and Bellamy, how’s it going? I was surfing the horrifying technological monstrosity that is the Internet, and noticed that there’s been a project in the works for a while now. The project is called Feralculture, and is focused on reclaiming land from the State or private interests in order to create an area where people would intentionally live under a fusion of permacultural and hunter-gatherer lifeways. They’re looking to set up what they call “land nodes” in a triangulated area somewhere between Revillagigedo Island, Prince of Wales Island, and the mainland of Alaska. I’m not certain if you guys haven’t brought this up before, but if you haven’t, would you be willing to talk about your thoughts on the project during FRR’s next show? Tell me what you think, thanks peeps.

    Here’s the link to the project’s website:

    1. Hey, Rydra writing here. Bellamy and I will most assuredly different responses to this, since he is more into land projects than I am. I do know that there is a big interview in Black and Green Review(which we will be discussing on tomorrow’s show) about this project. Bellamy is also attempting to interview the people doing this project, so that might be a thing soon!? Thanks for writing 🙂

    2. We’re presently figuring out an interview time with Andrew (and possibly others) of Feralculture. It should happen soon.

  9. Been reading “The Golden Bough” a study in Magic & Religion,James George Frazer, 1922 Abridged edition .
    Opens one’s eyes to the Lives of Pre- Industrial Folk Beliefs & how the Common folk lived.

    I also listened to “The Wolf Chief” by Alexander Dumas. on

    I grew up reading the Classics, [I am 65 Years old,] and to see the News Article I posted above….”””Successful Penis Transplant”””???

    Suddenly I reread :The Unibomber Manifesto…and He Was Correct!

    John Bernays, Rail Road Freight Train Guitarist, Retired.

  10. Hey R&B, I’m new to FRR and so far loving the discussions. I’ve only listened to a few of your more recent episodes, but I want to work my way through all of them starting from the very first one, but wading through your tumble page to get to the older ones is proving to be a bit tedious. Do you think you can upload all of your podcast onto this site or to make it easier to access everything? It would be much appreciated.

        1. Hey there,
          They exist only in the oblivion that is the past! We broadcast them live, but we never recorded them! Don’t worry, though, we were much stupider back then and said many foolish things!

    1. Hey there,
      Thanks for the praise! I’m actually, really, sincerely, *FINALLY* going to set up a mass download option within the next day or two – look for it on here soon!

  11. John Zerzan is a fucking pretentious asshole. I happen to live in Eugene (Oregon), and I heard about FRR by listening to “Anarchy Radio.” Zerzan seems to attract some of the largest crew of wingnuts and redneck hippies who call into his program on a semi-weekly basis. The fact that Zerzan has an academic background and rubs the pretentiousness that comes with it in everyone’s face who disagrees with him makes him comparable to Derrick Jensen. I don’t know about you, but I think Zerzan’s pretentiousness comes from trying too hard in appealing to the local hippie population, which is old and dying off anyway because they never really accomplished anything other than selling out and gentrifying neighborhoods. Fuck those people. You (Rydra and Bellamy) are awesome because what you have to say holds a greater degree of relevance than any of the anti-civ bullshit ever written or spoken by Zerzan. FUCK JZ!

    1. Hey, thanks for writing; nothing has occasioned quite so many responses as our bit on veganism! It is bewildering, amusing, and disappointing all at once! We may take this on in the next episode.


  12. Heyya.

    I like your show, but this email is grump. I’m butthurt about CrimethInc. 🙁

    Mostly, though, I’m just wondering if you could specify what you consider left, or no longer worthy of “Your Politics are Boring as Fuck”, in CrimethInc. post-Work.

    Maybe more than being left, I get the impression that you think CrimethInc. is boring… This is mostly what I don’t get. I don’t think it’s boring! But maybe I’m boring myself.

    This is where the accusation comes out… Is it that CrimethInc. is boring or struggley? Because they are definitely struggley. Which, y’know, might be something to criticize.

    But I think you ought to criticize them for that, if that’s what you want to do, and not for being boring. (Although, I mean, there definitely has been some boring shit, don’t get me wrong, but that’s what happens when you have a consistent output… Also true of your show! Lol.)

    Anyway, that’s it.

    1. did you listen to the latest show? Squee and I discussed post-left at length and tried to define the left. There was a very good discussion on our post on about what defines the left and I tend to agree with what people were saying there.

      I think crimethnc has changed a lot in recent years, maybe they are more professional? It’s cool that they are a consistent anarchist project, but they aren’t usually espousing anarchy in a way that fits with how I feel and see it. I do think they are deep in the strugglismo game, and that really rubs me the wrong way….so maybe we will get into that soon.

    2. haha , i hear ya. Our most recent episode dealt with crimethinc in greater deal, so feel free to let us know if that sounded in the ballpark! long talk about if being boring is a good enough reason to dislike something….which i think it is!

  13. Greetings Rydra & Squee!

    I don’t know when the next FRR is going to air, but since I know that both of you read @news, I was wondering if you guys would be interested in refuting William “Silly Gilly” Gillis’ transhumanist critique of primitivism & anti-civ praxis during the next show. Me & a friend are currently writing a polemic against his critique & mechanistic fetishization of technology, but we’d be interested in what you guys had to say against him.

    Thanks, can’t wait to hear your next show! Great job on the audiobooks, by the way. They’re sounding as crisp and professional as anything could.

    1. hey! thanks 🙂 I think we can get to that on the next show, because we also wanna discus the stuff in mexico and the shitty response to it here. But yeah, link to your piece or email it to us when you get it done.

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