FRR Mockcasts Episode 1: Anarchy Radio


JZ hosts a special episode of Anarchy Radio, the New Sunday Show.  The show begins with JZ discussing yet another set of car recalls, this time it’s the good ol’ Prius.  42 million Priuses in Berkeley, CA were recalled over the weekend.  JZ then takes a call from local future primitve and master rewilder Billy.  Billy discusses his relationship with his dog Sooki and moving out to the city after his wife left him alone.  Then another call from Josh, who discusses feelings of alienation and despair and JZ and Josh get into a spirited debate over egoism and nihilism.  The show ends with JZ recapping the call with Josh and asserting his opinions on Nihilism, Egoism, and Leftism.

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  1. Darkmoon, I”m happy to be reading your writing again. Also, I agree with you that our problem is nihilism. Not even Nietzsche was a nihilist. He thought nihilism ultimately led to debauchery. So it could lead to the window”s ledge and the downward spiral, but more often it leads to immoral materialism and degrading behaviorno more valiant struggle to the heights, no more talk of the beauty of the visible mirroring the invisible, character- what”s that? I think nihilists try to create art, music they try to talk about symbolism and other interesting things; but really it”s kind of standard TV stuff because TV culture is nihilistic. It”s so banal, boring, uninspired. Another reason that Nietzsche disliked nihilism (or so I read) is that it will eventually lead back to religion. Look at the sexual debauchery of Hollywood and you start to crave the ascetic. Like too much packaged junk food makes healthy food sound attractive. Morality becomes a novelty. So. then the TV people realize they have to create some religious figures because this is the growing trend, but they can”t do it I”ll say no more, only they are clueless.

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