Episode 75: FRR Destroys Strawmen That Are Ugly To Them

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0:00: Bellamy reports back on going to the PNW and the
possible intersections of Zen Buddhism and anti-civilization anarchist theory

7:37: Bellamy’s take on having been on Anarchy Radio with
John Zerzan; the infuriating persistence of egoist strawmen

20:40: FRR responds to friendly fire from Black and Green
Review with decidedly less friendly fire

27:15: Music: “People II: The Reckoning” by Andrew Jackson
Jihad from People That Can Eat People Are
the Luckiest People in the World

31:20 Response to BAGR continued

40:00 Clarification on what we’ve said about ITS and WR

44:04 As the World Burns: Miami sinking and ominous
predictions for the California drought

51:09 Wingnut Confessional: Everyday manifestations of
authority and work culture in Rydra’s work and leisure

1:00:55: Music: Will Smith’s classic “Miami”, a watershed moment in Hip-Hop history – we miss it as much
as we will miss its namesake!

1:04:14: Wingnut Confessional: Authority

1:15:54: Wingnut Confessional: Authority and Children

1:21:27: FRR Talks, But We Also Listen, After Which We Talk
More: A listener asks what we think of the expression “None of us is free until
we all are free”

1:33:18: Music: “The Only That Governments Have Done” by Ryan

1:35:10: Love Me I’m A Liberal: The indefatigable specter of

1:38:00: All Cats Are Beautiful: NYPD’s Wikipedia propaganda

1:43:49: Charles Eisenstein on college, boredom, and
anxiety; schools and the inculcation of authority

2:01:50: Arguments, absurd tangents, unfounded proclamations

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