Episode 78: Don’t You Dare Judge Their Slavery!

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01:50: A spiritual defense of slavery and some thoughts on limiting critique. 11:02: Venom and Vitriol: Rydra is ambushed with an accountability process 18:26: Luddites Anonymous: Holographic freedom 30:28: Music: Frank Zappa, “Bow Tie Daddy”, “Harry, You’re A Beast”, and “What’s the Ugliest Part of Your Body?” from We’re Only in It for the Money 34:09: Notes on Progress: The persistence of American racism 49:22: As the World Burns…: The horrible toxic sore on the Earth’s surface that your gadgets necessitate 55:20: Luddites Anonymous: The horrible transportation network that your gadgets necessitate 01:03:03: Music: Frank Zappa, “Outrage at Valdez”, from The Yellow Shark 01:06:12: Luddites Anonymous: Continued from before break 01:08:23: Nicola Gai’s “The Urgency of the Attack” 1:24:50: Alien Nation-States: Schools for pants-pissing 01:30:38: Take note of the Black and Green Forum and the Black and Green Review

As per usual, this episode is brought to you by the subjective opinions, perspectives, whims, conscious and sub-conscious thoughts of Bellamy Fitzpatrick and Rydra Wrong.

References and Shit we drew from:







325.nostate.net writings of Nicola Gai




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