An Interview with Bob Black

Bob Black talks to you here!

Bellamy interviews post-left anarchist Bob Black, author of such essays and books as the infamous “The Abolition of Work”, Friendly Fire, “Primitive Affluence”, Anarchy After Leftism, and Defacing the Currency. Black has just published, through Little Black Cart, Instead of Work, a republishing of his essays on the theme of work along with a new piece reflecting on the thirty years since his writing “The Abolition of Work”.

The interview is wide-ranging (as Black seems to care little about adhering to the authority of Bellamy’s questions!), covering topics including what it means to participate in media from a post-left perspective, the worsening of anarchist discourse, anarchist isolation, stories from Bob’s past, how his study of law made him become an anarchist, Occupy Albany, optimism and pessimism, and his new book.

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