Episode 86: On Avoiding Work, Post-left Anarchy, and How Discourse and Action Interact

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Rydra and Squee host episode 86 of Free Radical Radio with the help of Rev. Doc and discuss Rydra and Bellamy’s upcoming visit to Seattle for the Anarchist Bookfair, Wild Reaction’s latest actions, post-left anarchy and why so many have so much trouble grasping what it means, work and how we attempt to avoid it, and more.

0:00 talk of feelings, and Seattle Anarchist Bookfair
2:15 Rydra text battles his boss and Squee’s lung collapses
6:00 Short talk about Bob Black getting sorta punched at his talk in the east bay
9:20 Worker retires from Anarchistnews, discussion of comment section, action and discourse, are anarchists not acting out of fear of other anarchists?
27:05 Tim Fite- Place your bets
30:30 Wild Reaction sends package bombs, do they succeed? Also, conversation on propaganda of the deed and what it means to actually attack the left
38:20 Post-left anarchy, what does it mean, where does it come from. Who is the left? Where do they come from? We search for answers in the void, finding only more questions
59:00 Ivan and the Beets- hellfire burns them alive

This episode of Free Radical Radio was brought to you by the illusions of Rydra Wrong and Squee’s consciousnesses, the mirage of our ability to freely choose, and Rydra’s current obsession with John Gray.

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