Seattle Anarchist Bookfair: Presentation on Hostis and The Politics of Cruelty

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Free Radical Radio Records Things presents:
Andrew, of the Hostis Journal, gives a 30 minute presentation at the Seattle Anarchist Bookfair on the politics of Cruelty. In the talk Andrew discusses the religious history of anarchism, utopianism, apocalyptic millennarianism, revenge, movies, ethics & morality, and the problem with the “good life.” This is followed by about an hour of conversation(some of the questions are low audio so I wrote down what people said in the timestamps) on topics ranging from revenge, lone wolf actions, asymmetric conflict theory, defining enemies, and much more.
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Here are a lot of time stamps:

1:30 religious history of anarchism, utopianism, apocalyptic millennarianism,

3:30 outline of Hostis

5:30 talk of the film Night of the Hunter

13:00 spike lees Do the Right Thing

15:30 politics of cruelty, against fairness and partiality and altruism

19:00 ethics and the problem with the good life

24:00 politics of revenge

26:45 questions and conversation

29:30 A long question discussing revenge and its response.

32:30 A questioner questions the presenter’s questioning of the good life.

35:15 A question asks about defining friends and enemies, bringing up the difficulty of family ties. “What if we lived in a world in which there are not innocent bystanders.”

37:30 a question on the difference between morality and ethics

39:15 question on asymmetric conflict theory

41:00 talk of Sarah Ahmed and compulsory happiness

43:00 wingnutty question on “Trots” with an astute observation that “anarchists are the new liberals”

49:00 question on the practical level on which Hostis engages?

52:00 long question on morality and defining enemies. Questioner says it is important to act a certain way against our enemies and brings up the question of how not to turn into our enemies.

58:00 questioner brings up criticism of universal desires as expressed by the Invisible Committee

101:30 Does Hostis take a position on?

105:00 disagreement on Spinoza

106:30 how do we deal with people without philosophy degrees and totes

108:00 we are not syndicalists! talk of Silicon Valley and talk of physical bodies of people

112:00 how do we smash everything!? is smashing good!? thinking is so hard!!!

114:00 lone wolf activity is stupid!? Support committees are our jobs! work harder people! Do the effective thing, not the right thing

118:00 more words!!! someone says morality is useful! what a wonderful world full of opinions!

122:00 growing old in anarchy

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