Driftglass by Samuel R. Delany

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Driftglass is a tender monster story.  The monster is
an amphiman gnarled by a deep sea accident.  In it Delany explores
loss, aging, youth, pain, and memory, all experienced by those who live
in a world in which they have little control.  It is a world of humans
turned merpeople, working for the government and large corporations, who
work deep under the sea.  The beauty and subtlety of this story wash
over the reader, first as soft shorebreak, then as occasional tidal
waves of grief and pain.


With his apolitical bent, Delany takes us on a journey into the sea, into ourselves, musing
on the questions of connection and loss, of how we relate to each other
and why.  He asks what it means to both be young and to age, and tells
the story of a monster grown old.  I am constantly struck by the tender
beauty of this tale, and I hope you are too.

Reading, Description, and Production by rydra

Editing & Sound Production by september

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