Episode 89: On the Irrational, Wild Reaction, Social War & Social Anarchy

FRR 89Here is the audio! Click on these words to listen!

Rydra & Squee host Free Radical Radio with some fucking high quality sound and discuss the rational vs the irrational.  They break down RS(wild reaction) recent interview and talk about “wild nature” and leftism and resistance/violence.  They also discuss Hannah Arrendt on the public and private and spend a good deal of time on society and the social.

Here are time stamps:

0:00 talk of last show, feedback and we defend the personal because the impersonal can fuck off, RSS feed is up, Audiobook project discussion, and more!

11:08 we discuss the rational and the irrational.  We talk about logical vs illogical and decide if these are false dichotomies and what weight these things carry in our lives!

30:09 Specimen- the beauty of poison

34:20 On Wild Reaction:  Rydra tries to defend their defense of wild nature.  Talk of having a history, of what it means to be against society, against the social, against the collective.  basically, a long musing guided by RS provocations

1:03:28 The Damned- Stranger on the Town

1:08:34 Hannah Arendt on the Public/Private, Social/Intimate, Anti-Social Anarchy and Social War


As always FRR is brought to you by the disembodied voices of rydra wrong & squee.  Direct all thoughts and inquiries to freeradicalradio@riseup.net

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