Episode 90: On The East Bay Anarchist Bookfair, Mass Shootings & Insubordinate Care

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Hosted by Rydra, Squee, and Kelpsea.  We discuss our day at the East Bay Anarchist Bookfair in Oakland, CA.  We discuss tabling and presentations on mass shootings, self care for the damned, post-modernity, rojava, spiritual anarchy, and more.  What the fuck is nihilism?  Are we nihilists?  Can you be a nihilist?  Is self care destruction?  Is destruction art?  Is art inherently irrational?  Rydra and Squee finally get into a disagreement, it is over Rydra making claims to being ahistorical and Squee says context matters!

Time Stamps:
0:00 We have business cards, we say hi to Kelpsea.  Rydra did 30 minutescof assembly line work with star wars legos.  We have new T- shirts and  we have been releasing audiobooks, so check them out and record some
anarchist theory, fiction, communiques, whatever, and send it to us.

4:25 Rojava talk discussion

5:30 Discussion of the mass shooting talk from the East Bay Anarchist Bookfair:  rhetoric behind the shootings, anti-society, anti-civilization?, what is the relevance of these(if any) to the anarchist project. It seems like anarchists do not enjoy children being shot.  How does justice play into all of this?  Why are anarchists outraged when people cops aren’t convicted.  There seems to be a strong/loose relation between nihilist and anti-social anarchist ideas and some of the ideas espoused by some of the mass shooters, does this matter?

14:12 Discussion of “Self Care for the Damned”:  Is embracing immorality not just another way to live morally?  Squee attends despite a past history of violence and attack by the presenters.  He made it through unscathed.  19:36 are we nihilists?  What does that even mean?  What does sexual perversion have to do with this?  Rydra explains with help from Sam Delany

23:00 Aesthetics are apparently the most important and honest thing there is, so says Rydra.  What do we want to see, smell, hear, and taste, in our lives.

25:00 an argument against linear time! It doesn’t exist?!  Anarchy is now, in the moment? or is it?

27:00 because of civilization and society we are smoking cigarettes instead of eating omelets on the beach, what the fuck happened?
28:00 Discussion of “Insubordinate Care” by Crimethinc. Kelpsea posits that self care has a potential for destruction, Squee and rydra tend to agree.  Squee and Rydra get personal and talk about their fucking feelings, aren’t you so glad?
31:20 discussion of fiber optics cables being cut and the value in there being zero communiqu├ęs  for these actions.  Is destruction art?  Is it separable?  Squee discusses art again!  Apparently it is a mix of the rational and the irrational.
34:00 The most interesting thing about the book fair was how bold people were about where they smoked cigarettes.  Rydra is full of resentment as usual, and wants everyone else to have cancer.  Some wingnutting.
36:10 Rydra says that the essence of nihilism is littering and Squee claims that it is cluttering.  Squee fears fire, and burning his house down.
37:30  We discuss Squee’s presentation at the book fair, which was about post-modernity and the appeal of anarchy.
41:30 Rydra discusses his arguments on roofs with Canadians about the history of rebellion and claims that he exists as an ahistorical entity!  Imagine you were a alive in a society with no available history or people to discuss past rebellions, would you rebel?  Would you know how to?  How much does the shit around us effect our own ideas and actions?  Rydra and Squee get into our first big disagreement over this, fight!
46:40 We get into another disagreement over how popular anarcho-communism is currently.  Squee is proven wrong, but that is biased because Rydra is writing these timestamps!
47:45  We discuss and disagree about where power lies.  Squee claims that power is in data analysis and
marketing, Rydra understands this as who can read the matrix before.  Is money power?  Rydra argues power is power, clearly a well thought out argument!
49:45   Where does power lie? Is this a wing nut conversation or is it relevant? WHY ARE WE EVEN USING WORDS?
52:00 Rydra attacks Squee over his obsessive and creepy love for science!


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