Baedan: The Anti-chamber

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This is an excerpt from the queer nihilist journal Baedan

Join September as it attempts to cultivate a politics of poop:

So, my roommate has one of those Squatty Potty things (he also has a bidet, but we don’t talk about it). It’s like some plastic stepstool that wraps around the bottom of the toilet so you can sit in a squatting position – because apparently sitting while shitting is super bad for your bod, it like scrunches up some muscle inside of you or something. Essentially, this means that modern civilization has filled the world with toilets, which have turned turned out to be physically detrimental to your health, so now we have to get more products to allow us to sit in the shape of a squat, as if we were still pooping out in the woods.

It’s obscene.

This piece from Baeden peeks in the bathroom and explores the idea that maybe our fear of shit (waste, excess, death) acts as a crucial
cornerstone to a functioning society. Because it dictates how and when we poop, we become anal, anxious, and obedient (“…once an animal is trained to control the time and place of its evactuatory functions, half the battle has been won; in no time it will be rolling over and playing dead on command”), surrendering mental and physical health, and adopting core values based on “high” or “low” as established by defecation.

The gigantic sprawling megastructures of sewage pipelines, waste treatment plants, and public restrooms that our daily comfortable
lives rest upon seem a laughable attempt to hide the fact that we are nothing but giant wriggly flesh tubes, spewing shit out both ends.

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Sound, editing, and production by September

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