The Collected Writings of Renzo Novatore Part 1: Beginning Essays and Introduction


Anarchy at it’s peak is an explosion, a diffusion, the effervescence of being limitless.  Boundless as the basis for anarchy is a premise that cultivates freedom. We find these qualities throughout the work of Renzo Novatore.

He writes for himself to express the joy and pain of living in his world with an anarchic disposition.  His heart was indomitable and his work expresses an acute analysis.  He was influenced by Baudelaire, Stirner and Nietzche.  Scorn burns in his words and the individual is the beginning point of his work.  He is beyond dubious of capitalism, authority, the masses, war, and causes that were not his own.  His cause was the burning desire for freedom, “a strange blend of light and darkness, love and anarchy, the sublime and the criminal.”

Throughout his work and life burns a flame that most of wish for just a moment of.  He believed that we “write our truths in laughter, and our passions in blood,” and that “the only serious people are those who know how to be engaged in laughing.”  He wrote:

My soul is a sacrilegious temple
in which the bells of sin and crime,
voluptuous and perverse,
loudly ring out revolt and despair, heroic and iconoclastic anarchism”.

One thing is certain, only one who prefers the stormy sea to stagnant water will surely know how to appreciate the iconoclastic work of Renzo Novatore.


0:00 Introduction

10:18 Thoughts and Sayings

14:00 Cry of the Rebellion

28:21 Intellectual Vagabonds

39:50 Toward the Conquest of New Dawns

43:09 Wildflowers

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