We Are Back!

After a year of hiatus, Free Radical Radio is returning in a new iteration.  We are a group of anarchists, nihilists, label-haters, readers, but above all we find joy and passion in the sharing and discussion of ideas.  We intend to use this project as an outlet to share audio recordings we have created that challenged us, interested us, or made us laugh so hard that we cried.  There is possibility that podcasts will happen again, but only if we are inspired and driven by our own desires to make them happen.

In the past we have produced recordings of fiction authors ranging from Sam Delany to Octavia Butler, and anarchist and nihilists ranging from Kaneko Fumiko to Bruno Filipi.  One of our main goals is to make the shit we love more easily accessed in hopes that if we ever talk to you in person we can passionately discuss some of these ideas.  Some of the texts we record are readily available, but do not exist in audio form.  Some of these texts are rare and hard to find books, that we have secured with our greedy little hands because we believe they deserve a larger audience.

We invite you to listen, discuss, and critique anything we offer up here.  We also invite you to email us or submit recordings or ideas of your own and if we find them interesting we will be happy to host them, and perhaps we will even desire to help with sound production and editing.

So with that, we are back!

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