The Collected Writings of Renzo Novatore: Part 3


We must kill the christian philosophy in the most radical sense of the
word. How much mostly goes sneaking inside the democratic civilization
(this most cynically ferocious form of christian depravity) and it goes
more towards the categorical negation of human Individuality.
“Democracy! By now we have comprised it that it means all that says
Oscar Wilde Democracy is the people who govern the people with blows of
the club for love of the people”.
Against all that is sounded the hour of insurgence and not with only
some unpleasant and repugnant theoretic bleat of the lambs…Much more is wanted in this bloody twilight of a civilization that has had its time!

Either the Death or a new Dawn where the Individuality lives above every thing.

0:00 Twilight Ballads
7:00 Weeping
13:18 Anarchist Individualism in the Social Revolution
27:19 The Great Brains…In the Time that Turns
35:35 Returning
38:07 The Expropriator
43:50 Toward the Hurricane

Voiced by aufheben
Editing and Production by rydra wrong
Sound editing by September

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