ITS Communiques #3+4

We continue with our Individualists Tending Toward The Wild recording series with communiques 3 and 4.

From the fourth:

… in the past three communiques we have developed a critique of nanotechnology and information technology, of industrial society and have set forth an analysis of the ecological consequences of greater demands for contributions in the field of science and Technology; now we turn to break down the consequences of all this within the human mind, our approach as ITS, and the rejection of some terms that do not seem to identify us, simply in order to clarify our position.

There has been exactly one important thing published in response to our first release of ITS communiques #1 + #2. MaldiciĆ³n Eco-extremista linked to the release and provided a brief history of the evolution of ITS. Atassa then translated it to english. I suggest you read it, as it can very useful to put these earliest communiques into context.

You can read the translated texts at the library: #3 #4

As always, you can contact us at with criticisms, praise, electronic parcel bombs, thoughts on the readings, or suggestions for future readings!

ITS parcel bomb– Dirtroll

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