A John Zerzan Feature!

Today we bring two pieces of audio relating to John Zerzan!

First, a recording of his essay Second-Best Life: Real Virtuality.

Second, a clip of one of Free Radical Radio’s favorite moments in John Zerzan’s weekly radio show Anarchy Radio: a caller named Greg.

John was kind enough to advertise our ITS Communique series on his show (20:30 start) after an email exchange he had with Dirtroll. After hearing what he said about the conversation, I thought it’d be nice to publish the friendly conversation here to let everyone see what great points he makes and how wonderful his comprehension and ability to engage with ideas is. I asked for his consent to publish it, but he sadly stopped responding at that point.

Why he would talk about this conversation on the air but not have the guts to back it up? I don’t know why this is sealed information or something, but I guess I can’t say anymore about it anyways. That’s, uh … I ain’t happy about that, and I’m really appalled that some people seem to get off on this drama stuff. Is that where primitivism goes? Is that an aberration or kinda the logic of it? You tell me.

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