Off The Leash: Iconoclastic & Anti-Social Words

There are innumerable splits between “anarchists.”  Some disagree about economics, strategies of resistance, and a seemingly infinite number of isms.  I find the most important split to be between social and anti-social.  What need is there for social and anti-social anarchists to “work together.”  This is something I just don’t understand.  Anyone who seeks to build a new mass society is someone I have a fundamental and irreparable split with…in essence, we are enemies.  People who believe that everyone is an anarchist are my enemies. People who can look at history and see progress towards freedom or compassion or social change that is desirable are my enemies.  People who see human nature as freedom loving are my enemies.  I see a few who burn with the desire for an ephemeral freedom and a huge majority of people who are not only willing but eager to submit themselves to society, a cause,  a partner.  People who refuse to acknowledge that slaves(including me and most reading this) are responsible for their condition, are my enemies.  My enemies are the existing and the existent.  As an anti-social anarchist I find myself constantly surrounded by my own enemies.  Friends are difficult to find, harder to keep, and a rare find for one who chooses freedom as value.

So here are some writings from people who chose freedom as an arbitrary value and who refused to believe this could be given to them by a society, a person, anyone but themselves.  This one is for anyone who has been alone and felt a rush of electricity run through their body and light them up with life.


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Introduction by anonymous

I Am Also A Nihilist by Renzo Novatore

Unbridled Freedom by Enzo Martucci


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For stupid anarchy names, arbitrary values, and an ephemeral and eternal “no” towards the existent