A Funny Thought on a New Way to Play

This is a reading of Alejandro de Acosta’s A Funny Thought on a New Way to Play.


Turn to your parents or children and say, “this is a game.” Turn to your friends and enemies and say, “this is a game.” Say silently to your self and any imaginary entities you discover in solitude, “this is a game.” See what happens next.

What are all the games we are playing and what are their structures, patterns, and implications outside of that game context?

What happens if we slightly change the ‘rules’ of our life? This reminds me of the idea of ‘behavioral switchups’ elaborated in Crimethinc’s Recipes for Disaster.

Some ideas:

– On a hike in the woods, resolve to never walk on a trail and only look above head level.

– Approach reading a text different:  take on a character (an enemy? an ancient pharaoh?) and try to understand the text from the character’s perspective; or maybe read it out loud, or to a friend or microphone.

– Go through your morning routine blindfolded.

– Live “I only like small things” as a mantra.


Implementing this in my life has been a source of fun and frustration. It can be fun to exist in the world in a new way. It can be frustrating when other people don’t like to play your games. Who can you play with?