FRR Books Podcast: The Unique and Its Property by Max Stirner, a Close Reading Part 4

Welcome to episode 4 of the FRR Books Podcast series on Max Stirner’s The Unique and its Property translated by Wolif Landstreicher.  In this podcast we cover section 2.1 and stop at section 2.2.1 My Power

This episode is hosted by Kahar, John, and rydra wrong.  This is our first go recording podcasts at sea!  We are floating on water as we speak!

Discussed in this episode:

–  Criticism as thought, the downside of criticism

–  The 3 types of liberalism

–  Human rights!

–  rydra hates phenomenology and wants to fight about it!

–  morality and stirner

–  what is religion?

–  Conflict avoidance and how to avoid it!

–  Cult of celebrity and “Absolute Monarchy”

–  Stirner crushes Social Justice

–  Is Stirner related to Nietzsche?

This podcast was produced by rydra wrong

This podcast was edited by Big Cat