My Intercourse! How We Have it, Who We Do it With: FRR Books Podcast the Stirner Series Episode VII

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In episode VII of the Stirner Series we cover the second 50 pages of the chapter My Intercourse. In this episode Keehar, Big Cat, and rydra wrong discuss all things Stirner. We delve deeper into Stirner’s ideas and how they relate to our own lives. Some people have wondered what the purpose of this project is. The answer is simple: we are a group of friends who enjoy reading, talking, fighting, and laughing about books we like. If that isn’t of interest to you, then we probably wouldn’t get along very well if we met in the meat space. We do this project for ourselves, but we share it for our glory and because fuck, why not!

I believe that Stirner’s ideas, while imperfect and old and contradicting at times, can change the way I interact with my self, your self, each other, and even the rocks I sometimes walk upon. What is an unexamined life worth? What is a life worth? These are just some of the questions we ask ourselves as we share our play for anyone to hear. I am tired of stale politics, stale ideas, and stale bread, and stale people. I have always yearned for more, desire constantly pushing me to uncomfortable places, physically and metaphysically. This podcast is for anyone who has ever wanted to meditate and marinate on life’s questions big and small, and for anyone who thinks that those changes we make, big and small, are the things we live for.


Never Give Up on Myself by Underdogs

Puppets of War by Chron Gen

Sound & Editing by The Big Cat

Technical difficulties smoothed out by A Friend On the Island

Bullshit Internet Work by rydra wrong