Episode 81: Chained to Happiness


00:01:15: Alien Nation-States: Göbekli Tepe, agriculture, and alienation

00:22:53: Music: “Vernon The Company Man” by Les Claypool’s Fancy Band from the album Of Whales And Woe

00:25:23: “Chained to Happiness: Slavery and BDSM in the Speculative Fiction of Samuel R. Delany

00:52:46: Music: “L.M.L.Y.P.” (18:44 through 22:41: the keyboard solo) by Ween from the album Live At Stubb’s

01:17:55: FRR’s Most Unreasonable Human Being of the Week: Chip Johnson against the First Amendement

01:20:55: Luddites Anonymous: Robots and Infantilization

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