Episode 82: On Dating, Death, and Hedonism


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Special guest host Squee joins Rydra for Episode 82!

0:00 FRR introduces Squee
2:00 Fireside Chats: John Gray’s Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals is analyzed, talk of consciousness, progress, morality, science and christian roots of science, apex predator depression
20:15 Ivan and the Beets, Can’t Escape
22:15 How to Party in Tempe:  thoughts on the farmer neighborhood, anarcho-hedonism and informal anarchism
42:00 Luddites Anonymous: Internet dating, OKCupid, thoughts on Tindr, Rydra’s neurosis, anarchists dating: for or against!?
52:05 Primus
56:25  FRR Debates:  Nekro Anarcho vs Post Nihilism.  Rydra and Squee completely inhabit separate and dueling ideologies and engage in psychological warfare on the terrain of the real, and the unreal.  Who will win?

Free Radical Radio was brought to you by the subjective and supposedly conscious thoughts, feelings, and desires of Rydra Wrong and Squee!

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