Episode 87: On Anarchist Scenes and Subculture

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my view of the scene
  my view of the scene

FRR returns with Rydra and Squee as they give an update on FRR’s return and new projects(audiobooks & presentations) that we are getting into.  Rydra gives a report back from the Seattle Anarchist Bookfair, further discussion of Bob Black and social relationships, and they have a long discussion on anarchist scenes/milieus and the value or lack thereof in subcultures

0:00 Free Radical Radio returns:  update on show plans, recent
recordings of audio books and presentations, and rydra understands
6:00 talk of transition, Squee’s injury update,
7:35 Callout for the East Bay Anarchist Bookfair, apparently we are helping organize it
11:20   Rydra almost kills rideshares, veganism again?, one rideshare searches for closure and a power bar
13:10 Rydra lies for no reason, we still have t-shirts
14:00 anti-fa and post scarcity anarchism and their stylistic choices
15:30 we recorded Hostis’ presentation on cruelty, fucking listen to it!, a fight Rydra doesn’t care about
16:25 Bob Black vs Aragorn/many others, does anyone care? do we care? If a gyro falls in a forest do the birds sing?
20:00 Squee compares Bob Black’s drama to a band/record label
23:00Will anyone pay for Squee’s ticket to South Africa for an anti-fascist
action against Michael Shmidt, Rydra explains the red triangle and why
great white sharks are no joke
24:25 Ak Press vs Michael Shmidt
26:35 How to infiltrate the national anarchist movement, Squee explains, Rydra is confused
29:00 a new direction for the radio, Squee and Rydra throw the whole scene into prison to keep the revolution safe
29:45 Juneva- Twisted by Stiff Fingers
32:15 The dangers of cigarette smoking and a story from the bank?
34:15 Squee revisits their thoughts from earlier
35:00Wingnut Confessional:  Anarchist scenes and subculture. What is a
scene?  What is the effect of a scene?  What are our personal
experiences in scenes?

As always, FRR’s sound is brought to you by the one and only Rev Doc and it’s ideas, thoughts, machinations, rants, and more are brought to you by the collective unconscious of Rydra Wrong and Squee.

email:  freeradicalradio@riseup.net

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