Armed Joy by Alfredo M. Bonanno

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This book was written in 1977 in the momentum of the
revolutionary struggles taking place in Italy at the time, and that
should be borne in mind when reading it today. … This book has become
topical again, but in a different way. Not as a critique of a heavy
monopolising structure that no longer exists, but because it can point
out the potent capabilities of the individual on his or her road, with
joy, to the destruction of all that which oppresses and regulates them.


Before ending I should mention that the book was ordered to be
destroyed in Italy. The Italian Supreme Court ordered it to be burned.
All the libraries who had a copy received a circular from the Home
Ministry ordering its incineration. More than one librarian refused to
burn the book, considering such a practice to be worthy of the Nazis or
the Inquisition, but by law the volume cannot be consulted. For the same
reason the book cannot be distributed legally in Italy and many
comrades had copies confiscated during a vast wave of raids carried out
for that purpose. I was sentenced to eighteen months’ prison for writing
this book.


– Alfredo M. Bonanno Catania, 14 July 1993 –from the introduction

Voice, sound, and editing by Birds of Fire

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