Episode 91: All The Things! On Billions of People and Anarchist Projects

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Squee and Rydra host episode 91 of Free Radical Radio and mostly discuss population size and anarchist’s relation to the real, and anarchist news and the benefits and problems of different anarchist projects.  We open the show with some personal stuff, is the personal political? Then we get into an extended conversation on anarchist news.  Highlights:  Squee proclaims that he wants to help people! Rydra is in the elf mines over Christmas as the feudal lords leave their manors to the lowly serfs.  Spreading of anarchy and a discussion of occupy and anarchist interventionism.


We had some editing issues this week so there is no music, so when we go to break feel free to pause and DJ yourself, we are super interactive this week!
0:00 Talk of recent presentations and audiobooks we have on our website, they are on mass shootings and transhumanism and postmodernity.  We have t-shirts!

3:30  Rydra spent the last two weeks in the elf mines of San Francisco, worker solidarity?  Life on a modern day feudal manor and the gay cruising scene at starbucks at 5am.  Rydra is top slave at the manor?!

8:00 how the fuck do you text your boss? squee whines about finding work.  Rydra has resume advice, best ways to lie.

11:21 Anarchist criminality, do we suck at it? wtf?

13:30 nuclear power is BAD

14:30  OPP(other people’s projects):  Anarchist news(anarchistnews.org)

thoughts on commenting, why forums aren’t a thing? reddit anarchy is disgusting

trolling, how people respond to human beings.

25:00 criticism from listeners on Wild Reaction, a human response

28:00 idealizing anarchist salons

32:00 local anarchists, Squee explains to us what that means and why he prefers it.  Rydra complains about presentations and the degeneration of conversations.

36:15 the benefits of anarchist discourse as it is? what are they?  value of creativity?

38:15 Post-occupy?  Squee says anarchists are relevant when they act, not when they think.  Squee complains we and other anarchists are too inward looking.  Squee talks about the importance of conflict with non-anarchists vs anarchists.

41:15 The origin story of Free Radical Radio.  Our close friends didn’t listen or told us it was terrible, we didn’t care!

43:45 anarchist problem solving:  Stop looking for universal application

44:00 there would be music but instead there isn’t.  Consumer choice cigarettes.

Squee solves all relationships.

Some talk of “It’s Going Down” and other anarchist projects.  We fail at helping other people’s projects while neglecting our own.

48:00  Wingnut Confessional:  Population Size and How It Relates to Anarchy

Oscar Wilde is a fucking transhumanist! Talk of machines and standard of living.

53:00 Squee makes an interesting argument for anthropocentrism and Rydra turns it into an argument for egoism?  They disagree about being able to communicate with non-human animals and organisms, rydra makes sure this confessional is wingnutty

59:00 Squee is fucking mad because anarchists are failing as thinking individuals if they are ignoring the fact that billions of people live on this planet

1:04:00 squee likes ted talks and we talk about the narrative version of ourselves and the everyday version of our selves

1:06:00 Rydra asks how you live as an octopus in a society of wild eagles.  How do you get from there to here?  There is no there there! there has to be here! WTF?

1:08:00 Squee says his only passion in life is helping people, rydra dies inside.

Extended discussion of occupy

1:13:00 Continued discussion of occupy and the false narratives some insurrectionist anarchists have used to rewrite history.  On anarchist conflict with non anarchists

1:17:00 a short discussion of polyamory and anarchy! they are fucking related!  followed by an awkward ending!

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This episode was brought to you by the confused, semi-conscious consciousnesses of Squee and Rydra Wrong.



Soul of Man Under Socialism by Oscar Wilde:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kJUH1HIAbk

Squee Blog:  http://squee.anarchyplanet.org/


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