Cage of Brass by Samuel R. Delany

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This is a story of prison, crime, and guilt.  It is a story of the
prison’s built for us with real walls that we find ourselves in and the
prison’s we build for ourselves in our own minds.  It is a story of crimes of passion and desire, which we cannot explain away with ration or reason, and the crimes we commit to survive in a “decadent world that curses us with its morality.”  It is the story of the guilt that is built into us and the guilt we cultivate like a prison around our hearts.

Delany explores the depths of a futuristic prison unimaginably deep underground, where prisoners are kept in glycerine coffins of which the only two notable characteristics are darkness and silence. Venture into the minds of three different types of criminals as they decide if they deserve to escape, as they talk of their crimes, their guilt, their passions, and their imprisonment. Contemplate utter silence, unimaginable darkness, and nothing.


Free Radical Radio Audiobooks takes our first full blown crack at voice acting as three of us take on a role from the story and engage in dialogue in the underground prison of the “Cage of Brass.”


Hawk:  rydra

Pig:  september

Jason Cage:  Hyena

Audio production and editing by september


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